Business Plan

Business Plan 2021 - 2026

The complete Business Plan can be viewed here

The Parish Council's Business Plan sets out the Parish Council's vision for the parish, its purpose, value , objectives and key priorities for the next 4 years.

Aim of the Business Plan

  • To give Hawthorn's residents a clear understanding of what the Parish Council does
  • To give a detailed account of what the Parish Council intends to focus on over the next four years

The plan focuses on three main areas:-

  1. Administering the Parish Council
  2. Looking after the local environment
  3. The Community and Local Events.

Each of these have been considered and aims, objectives together with financial implications and timescales have been established as part of our overall Plan. The plan is reviewed annually and is updated with progress made and newwly identified requirements are incorporated.


Key performance indicators have been used to measure and monitor performance and quality.

The essential resources requirements in 2014 were :-

  1. Funding -                           Hawthorn Parish Council had little monetary resources
  2. Policies and Procedures -     No policies / procedures in place
  3. Web-site -                          The existing website was not updated and carried very little information
  4. Transparency -                   Very little information given or made available
  5. Community -                      Little , if any active community egnagement / events

Progress 2014  - 2021

During these years  the following progress has been made:-


The Council has achieved the Quality Gold Award in the Local Council Award Scheme


  • The Parish Council has been succesful in attracting a number of grants.
  • The Council has  raised the precept to ensure the council can provide efficient and effective services and events
  • The Council has obtained some sponsorship to cover some expenditure

Policies  and Procedures

  • Policies and Procedures are now in place. each are reviewed on a regular basis and made avaialble on the website.


  • A new interactive website has been created which is updated on a regular basis.


  • The council has complied totally with all transparency criteria.


  • The Parish Council has introduced a number of community engagement mechnisms and events including the electronic newsletter which is now recognised country -wide.