Morven OffShore

Morven Offshore Wind Farm

Morven Offshore attended a meeting of the parish Council in April 2024 and gave details of their project to develop an offshore wind farm in the North Sea.

Further details are below - together with a copy of their presentation.

In 2022, the joint venture between bp and EnBW were awarded a lease option to develop an offshore wind farm through the ScotWind leasing round in the North Sea. The project, known as Morven, is located around 60 km off the east coast of Scotland. Whilst in the early stages of development, Morven is expected to have a generating capacity of 2.9GW, sufficient to power the equivalent of around three million UK homes every year.

As in the case with all offshore wind farm developments, Morven will need to connect to the UK’s National Grid network. The National Grid Energy Systems Operator (ESO) undertook the first phase of Holistic Network Design (HND) as part of the Offshore Transmission Network Design Review (OTNR) in 2022 to ensure UK offshore windfarms benefit from a single, integrated system that supports the delivery of electricity generated from offshore wind. Based on the recommendations of this work, Morven’s first connection to the National Grid will be at Hawthorn Pit in the Northeast of England.