Information about your Parish Councillors

Further information on each Councillor and their responsibilities are shown below.

Cllr. Alan Askew

Cllr. Diane Hughes (Chairman)

Cllr. Sheila Irving

Cllr. Maxine Smith

Cllr. Gary Thompson

Cllr. Sheila Wilson

Cllr. Carolyn Winter

Members of the Parish Council all have the opportunity to undertake training.

The record of training can be accessed here

Register of Interests

All Members of the Council must complete their Register of interests Form which must be published. This is undertaken by Durham County Council and available here.

The Parish Clerk

Mrs. Lesley Swinbank

Springwell House

Spring Lane


TS21 2HS

Lesley Swinbank was the Town Clerk  at Sedgefield Town Council for over 30 years until retirement and has been with Hawthorn Parish Council since 2014. She is a 'Qualified' Clerk - holding CiLCA and also the certificate in Local Policy, and is a recognised CiLCA Trainer. In addition Lesley is the SLCC's Professional Development Officer and a primary trainer for the County Durham and Cleveland County Training Partnership.