Community Centre

Hawthorn Parish Council

Chairman : Cllr. Alan Askew

Parish Clerk: Lesley Swinbank MBA, Fellow SLCC

Springwell House, Spring Lane, Sedgefield, Co. Durham. TS21 2HS

01740 622429

Hawthorn Community Centre


The Community Centre lies in the centre of Hawthorn. The building was registered as a Community Asset by the Parish Council in 2015. In addition the Parish Council works closely with the Centre's Committee to provide community events and has also applied and been successful in grant applications to provide a defibrillator on the outside wall of the building and a smart TV plus wireless internet facility in the building itself.


The Council is currently in the process of applying for a grant which includes a community greenhouse to the rear of the centre.


Events in the Community Centre may be advertised below


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British Red Cross

(in partnership with the Co-op)


Afternoon Tea


Saturday 13th May, 2017

2pm - 5pm


Thank you for taking part in our fund raising event on Saturday the 13th May, 2017, at Hawthorn Village Community Centre, in aid of British Red Cross Week. With your help we managed to raise £606.50 which will be used to support vulnerable people in crisis. We greatly appreciate your contribution and recognise the time and hard work that was involved, making it a very successful and enjoyable event for everyone.


Jenny Newby

Emergency Response Officer


Join us for the Big Lunch - in the Community Centre : Sunday June 4th, 2017