Vacancies on the Council

The next Parish Council elections will be held in 2025 - by elections may be held before that time.

Further information below.

Currently there are no vacancies on the Council

Hawthorn Parish Council consists of 7 Members who are elected every 4 years.

There are occasions in between elections when there is a vacancy on the Parish Council. In these circumstances the vacancy will be advertised and if no by-election is called then the Parish Council will coopt a new member of the Council. This will be done by advertising the vacancy here and on the Parish Council noticeboards and included in the Hawthorn Community Round Up

The Parish Council have a cooption policy which can be seen here.

If you would like further information please contact Lesley Swinbank (Parish Clerk)

Vacancies on the Council 

Currently there is one vacancy on the Council.

As 10 electors of Hawthorn have now come forward and requested an election - a by-election will be held - provisional date being 13th January. 

If you are interested in standing at this by-election then you need to obtain nomination papers etc. from DCC.