2016 / 2017

Annual and Monthly Financial Information for 2016 / 2017

The financial year runs from April 1st until 31st March of the next year.

Hawthorn Parish Council is funded directly through a precept  collected via the Council Tax on the residents of Hawthorn. The precept for 2016 / 2017  is £7,792, representing a Band D Council Tax of £39.29

The expenditure for the Parish Council includes the salary of the Parish Clerk, grants and donations to local groups, local events and general maintenance of the open spaces and play area.

The receipts and payments for the current year2016/20176 can be found here.

These are updated each month after being approved for payment by the Parish Council at their monthly meeting.

The  Council's Finance Regulations can be accessed here.

Additional financial information can be accessed by the links as below. Information is added as available.

Financial Information is also available for 2015/2016 and 2014 /2015

The Annual Return information is unaudited.  Internal Audit takes place in April each year. Everyone is able to view the accounts in June / July by appointment. Details  are here. The accounts are then audited by external auditors BDO and their report will be added once received. The Annual Return then becomes the official audited accounts.

The Notice of Completion of the Audit is here

Estimates and budgets