Council Statements

Hawthorn Parish Council


Mission Statement ......'To promote Hawthorn as a great place to live and visit.'


The Parish Council aims to:

  • be transparent
  • be informative on all village matters and by all appropriate means
  • be proactive with agreed short and longer term goals
  • understand the needs of residents, and seek to address these through the pwers and resources available
  • give value for money for the services and facilities provided
  • seek external funding wherever possible to extend the scope of its activities in the interest of the community and community assets
  • preserve open spaces for the enjoyment of all
  • encourage the preservation, promotion and conservation of the natural environment
  • promote the saving of energy and use resources in a manner which aims to achieve the best economic value
  • encourage all to participate in activities beneficial to the community.


More detailed statements on how the Parish Council looks to achieve these aims are :-

Value for Money Corporate Governance Staff Management Leadership in Planning Biodiversity


Hawthorn Parish Council

Chairman : Cllr. Alan Askew

Parish Clerk: Lesley Swinbank MBA, Fellow SLCC

Springwell House, Spring Lane, Sedgefield, Co. Durham. TS21 2HS

01740 622429