Council Awards

 Hawthorn Parish Council

Chairman : Cllr. Alan Askew

                                           Parish Clerk

                              Lesley Swinbank  MBA, Fellow SLCC

      Springwell House, Sedgefield, Co. Durham. TS21 2HS

01740 622429

Quality Gold Council

Following on from its success in achieving Foundation Staus in 2015, the Parish Council has now achieved the Quality Gold Award. This demonstrates that a council is at the forefront of best practice and achieves excellence in governance, community engagement and council development. The full application is here

The award was  presented by Cllr. Ralph Harrison (Chairman of the CDALC Panel) at the September Monthly Meeting.

Contribution Award (October 2017)

The Parish Clerk, Lesley Swinbank, has been awarded the presigious 'Outstanding Achievement Award' by the Society Of Local Council Clerks for her work as both a Town and then Parish Clerk and also as the SLCC's Professional Development Officer.

Local Council Award Scheme (LCAS): Application for  Quality Gold  (August 2017)

The Parish Council has now applied for the Quality Gold Award.

This award demonstrates that a council is at the forefront of best practice and achieves excellence in governance, community leadership and council development.

NALC Star Councils Awards (August 2016)

Hawthorn was highly commended in the National Association Star Councils Awards. The nominaton was made in the project category and is in recocognition of the Council being one of the first completely paperless councils in the country.

Council of the Week  (July 2015)

Hawthorn Parish Council is the first council in County Durham to be named Council of the Week in recognition of its community engagement particularly in bringing together all sections of the community in a number of new community events and also introducing new initiatives to ensure everyone in the village is fully informed of what is happening both in Hawthorn and the wider area.

Local Council Award Scheme (LCAS) : Foundation Award May 2015

The  Parish Council is the first local council in the county to apply and  be successful in the new Local Council Award Scheme.

The Foundation Award is the first stage of the new Quality Scheme. This has been designed to celebrate the successes of the very best parish and town council and it provides a framework to support all local councils to improve and develop to meet their potential. The scheme offers councils the opportunity to show that they meet the standards set by the sector, assessed by their peers and to put in place the conditions for continued improvement.

The Foundation Award was presented to the Parish Council by Mr. Dennis Coates ( Chairman of theDurham  Local Council Award Scheme ) at the Monthly Meeting on July 21st 2015.

Hawthorn was named Council of the Week by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) for week 20- 27th July 2015.