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 Hawthorn Parish Council

Chairman : Cllr. Alan Askew

             Parish Clerk: Lesley Swinbank  MBA, Fellow SLCC

      Springwell House, Spring Lane, Sedgefield, Co. Durham. TS21 2HS

01740 622429

Contacting Hawthorn Parish Council

You can contact the Parish Council in a number of ways:-

  1. Contacting the Parish Clerk - email Lesley Swinbank here
  2. Contacting a Parish Councillor - here
  3. Completing the contact form as below

You can contact the Parish Council in several ways.

By e mailing, telephoning or writing to the Parish Clerk

Lesley Swinbank, Hawthorn Parish Council

Springwell House, Spring Lane,Sedgefield,Co Durham, TS21 2HS

Tel. 01740 622429

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